Geometry optimization for dark soliton combs

Our new paper titled “Geometry optimization for dark soliton combs in thin multimode silicon nitride microresonators” was published in Optics Express, which provides insights into engineering a Si3N4 structure for optimal effective nonlinearity with a compact footprint. We experimentally demonstrate the low-noise dark pulses with a repetition rate of 25 GHz in a Si3N4 resonator. Read more: Optics Express 31, 41420-41427 (2023).

We will be at CLEO

We will be presenting at the upcoming CLEO conference in San Jose, California (15-20 May):
Lewis Hill, “Nested spontaneous symmetry breaking” 17 May
Shuangyou Zhang, “Dark-Bright Soliton Frequency Combs” 18 May
Leonardo Del Bino, “All-optical Kerr Polarization Controller” 19 May

Self-Switching Kerr Oscillations in Microresonators

We report the experimental and numerical observation of oscillatory switching between counter-propagating light beams in Kerr ring microresonators. This effect well captured by a simple coupled dynamical system featuring only the self- and cross-phase Kerr nonlinearities. Self-switching of counterpropagating light is robust for realizing controllable, all-optical generation of waveforms, signal encoding, and chaotic cryptography. Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 043901

Optical memories

We demonstrate how the Kerr nonlinearity can be a key enabler for many digital photonic circuits. It allows access to bistable states needed for all-optical memories and switches that can operate at a single laser frequency with no additional electrical power. Opt. Express 29, 2193-2203 (2021)

We will be presenting at the FiO-LS virtual conference

Our group will be presenting our most recent research results at the FiO-LS virtual conference. All our talks are on Wednesday 16 September (CET times).

  • 14:30 George Ghalanos “Splitting of Microresonator Modes with the Kerr-Nonlinearity”
  • 21:00 Niall Moroney “Microresonator Logic Gates”
  • 02:30 (17 Sept) Shuangyou Zhang “Spectrally Extended Microcombs with an Auxiliary Laser”
Leonardo PhD Defense

Congratulations to Leonardo for passing his (virtual) PhD viva! Thanks also to his examiners and co-supervisors Derryck Reid, Frank Vollmer, and Marcello Ferrera.