We will be at CLEO

We will be presenting at the upcoming CLEO conference in San Jose, California (15-20 May):
Lewis Hill, “Nested spontaneous symmetry breaking” 17 May
Shuangyou Zhang, “Dark-Bright Soliton Frequency Combs” 18 May
Leonardo Del Bino, “All-optical Kerr Polarization Controller” 19 May

Self-Switching Kerr Oscillations in Microresonators

We report the experimental and numerical observation of oscillatory switching between counter-propagating light beams in Kerr ring microresonators. This effect well captured by a simple coupled dynamical system featuring only the self- and cross-phase Kerr nonlinearities. Self-switching of counterpropagating light is robust for realizing controllable, all-optical generation of waveforms, signal encoding, and chaotic cryptography. Phys. Rev. Lett. 126, 043901

Optical memories

We demonstrate how the Kerr nonlinearity can be a key enabler for many digital photonic circuits. It allows access to bistable states needed for all-optical memories and switches that can operate at a single laser frequency with no additional electrical power. Opt. Express 29, 2193-2203 (2021)

We will be presenting at the FiO-LS virtual conference

Our group will be presenting our most recent research results at the FiO-LS virtual conference. All our talks are on Wednesday 16 September (CET times).

  • 14:30 George Ghalanos “Splitting of Microresonator Modes with the Kerr-Nonlinearity”
  • 21:00 Niall Moroney “Microresonator Logic Gates”
  • 02:30 (17 Sept) Shuangyou Zhang “Spectrally Extended Microcombs with an Auxiliary Laser”
Leonardo PhD Defense

Congratulations to Leonardo for passing his (virtual) PhD viva! Thanks also to his examiners and co-supervisors Derryck Reid, Frank Vollmer, and Marcello Ferrera.